What are some questions or ways in which you want to get more use out of your products AND not having to spend a fortune on makeup? — Well.. you’ve come to the right place.

Makeup is such a versatile piece of art. You think you can ONLY use 1 product for its primary purpose? — Well, you’re going to be in for a surprise.

So.. how can we be ‘saavy’ when it comes to using makeup?

Today, I want to show and teach you some tips and tricks to achieving the ‘Saavy Artistry’ way. We are going to be using makeup products for more than its primary purpose.. Oooooo… Risky. haha!

Here’s 3 photos of COMPLETELY different products, however, they all share 1 medium. They’re made of a powder formality.

You might question this and go ‘’, Huh?’’

We’ve got a blush-trio palette, 2 eyeshadow palette’s and a matte bronzer.

The secondary purpose for ALL these purposes include: uses for an eyeshadow, contouring the face, brow filling, Lip tinter and highlighting.

OMG NICOLE, How the heck did you come up with that idea? — Well, let me set it out for you:


  • Primary use: adding colour to your CHEEKS
  • Secondary Use: eyeshadow and lip tinter

(eyeshadow; instead of buying an eyeshadow palette, use your blush palette and place this onto your lids, either in your crease or all over).

(Lip tinter; by lightly dabbing some of the pigment over the lips, it’ll give you a rosier and more of a pouty’er appearance).


  • Primary Use: warming up the face and slightly a contouring medium
  • Secondary Use: eyeshadow and lipstick setter

(eyeshadow; using a matte/shimmery bronzer over your eyes, is the perfect and ‘saavy’ way to pro-long the uses of your makeup and your wallet. The perfect area for a matte bronzer for the eyes, would be within the crease OR lightly shaded along the lash line).

(Lipstick setter; Using your favourite beige-brown matte lipstick, lightly dab some of the matte bronzer over the lips. This’ll ensure that the lipstick will stay in place and won’t BUDGE).


  • Primary Use: eyeshadow for your eyes
  • Secondary Use: depending on the eyeshadows, you’re more likely to use this for MORE than your eyes. You’re able to use them for:
  • — — BROWN (MATTE) EYESHADOWS: brow fillers, contouring
  • — — BEIGE/WHITE/NUDE EYESHADOWS: brow arch definer, matte highlighter, cupid’s bow enhancer, lip plumper


Lipsticks are one of the most versatile products that can be used in your everyday-to-glam makeup regimes.

Quick question: What products do you use to neutralise your skin’s pigment OR to use as a base for an eyeshadow? — Well guess what, here’s something new for you to learn.

Lipsticks with the same (matte-generic) texture, can be used for both COLOUR CORRECTING and can also be an eyeshadow base.

Instead of buying a new ‘hunky dory’ Colour corrector palette, have a look in your lipstick collection and see if you have got either a; red, peach-toned or an orange lipstick.

(RED, PEACH-TONED, ORANGE): brightens and neutralises any dullness in the skins pigment.

EYESHADOW BASE: If you want your eyeshadow to stick and lasts throughout the day, then find yourself the allocated lipstick shade and place this onto the lid.

  • MATTE NUDE, BEIGE TONES: onto the lid BEFORE the nude eyeshadow.

BROW FILLER: Did you know that a lipstick can be used to fill in your brows? WHATTTTTTT? — Well yeah.. you can :)

Depending on what your brow hair colours are, you’re able to use a similar toned lipstick and fill your brows in.

The consistency of the lipsticks are closely similar to Brow pomades. Ideal for the fuller-effect for brow filling and shaping.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

QUICK FACT/TIP: The less product you use, will not only make your makeup look GORGEOUS.. but you’re also saving yourself more product, therefore you’re going to be getting more BANG for you BUCK and having it last longer.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


Do you want to know the truth about leaving your makeup products in the bathroom OR do you want to spend more money re-buying makeup products?

TRUTH: Leaving your makeup in your bathroom CAN reduce its life-span DRAMATICALLY.

Bathrooms are exposed to its humidity by the hot air being trapped in 1 room. — So, leaving makeup in an area thats hot, humid and exposed to the air, you’re going to have to throw that makeup out.

Reason, it de-grades the quality of your makeup… and not only that, but your makeup is more than likely harbouring MORE bacteria than it would being in your bedroom or somewhere with replenishing air and cooling ventilation.

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