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A makeup look that I have always been wanting to do, is the smokey eye. Black lids, smudged pigment, gradient blend of colours.

For a time, I was way too nervous to even try this look; what if I screwed up the blending and it looks horrible? — Well I decided that enough was enough.. haha!

After watching many videos on smokey eye tutorials, many youtubers who are beauty inspired, had posted tutorials on achieving a ‘smokey eye’.

The main youtubers that inspired me to create this look were Lauren Curtis and Amanda Ensing.

One thing that I was surprised about when it came to creating a smokey eye look, I was amazed with how easy it was… I just couldn’t believe how simple the steps can be in order to complete the look.

So… to now stop blabbering on and now getting to the point, haha… keep on scrolling down the page to find out how I was able to achieve this look :)

Step 1: Prime the lids.

Step 2: Conceal the lids. For this look, I decided to use a foundation stick.

Step 3: Set the foundation with a powder. Today I used a colour-less powder.

Step 4: Begin with a transition shade. Keep this shade within the crease and blended out towards the brow.

Step 5: Selecting a slightly darker red-tone shade, place this pigment within the crease and blend slightly outwards, however don’t blend out further than the 1st shade.

Step 6: Working our way down the gradient ladder, use a plum tone pigment, using a pencil brush and place this on the outer V. Slightly blend outwards and along inside the crease.

extra step*- Add extra pigment to into the outer V and outer crease to intensify the look.

Step 7: Use a cream textured pigment and place this on the centre of the lid.

It doesn’t matter if your ‘placing of the pigment’ is rigid and messy.. we’re going to be blending it :)

Step 8: Using a black pigment, place this all over the area where you had drawn on the lid. This will keep the cream shadow in place and intensify the look.

(with Step 7: With a semi-dense brush, place the powder over the top of the cream pigment)

Step 9: Grab yourself some lashes. When adding lashes to the look, it really gives it that added appearance of fuller and voluminous lashes.

Step 10: Using the black cream shadow, place this along the water line and bottom lashes.

Step 11: Smudge the plum-toned pigment into the black and slightly blend out.

Step 12: Using our shades from dark to light, blend these shades along the lash line. The first pigment we used, make sure that this is the shade that’ll appear the furthest out passed the lash line.

Step 13: MASCARA. Coat them lashes.


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